The first session I attended today was good and it was titled “Supporting Next-Gen Academic Development in a Web 2.0 World”. The presenters were Dr. Robert Bruce , Associate Dean, DIIA, and Dr. Susanna Wong Herndon, Associate Director, DIAA, from the University of Texas. DIIA is the Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment. Of interest is the inclusion of “Assessment”. The purpose of DIIA is help faculty discover Web 2.0 tools and to identify strategies in pedagogical implementation. The presenters also mentioned how important it is to have an instructional and teaching unit for the faculty.

According to the presenters, Next-Gen learners have the following qualities:

  • mobile
  • digital
  • connected
  • experimental
  • immediate
  • social
  • desire to be engaged in the teaching & learning process
  • desire to be part of a vibrant community
  • desire to learn, collaborate, innovate, and be challenged

Web 2.0 technologies have the capabilities to attract Next-Gen learners. Examples of such are:

  • social applications
  • mobile pedagogies
  • educational games
  • geospatial technologies
  • immersive, enriched media