I am currently designing two new and very specialized rooms for our university. One of those rooms is called the Teaching & Learning Center (T&LC) which is for faculty use only. An instructional technologist oversees the T&LC and works with faculty to incorporate new and appropriate technologies into their pedagogies. Faculty can come to the T&LC where they will be exposed to the latest technologies and they can find help in creating content.

The T&LC has several workstations for faculty in addition to two sound-proof recording rooms equipped for creating video and/or audio podcasts or to do audio/video editing. There is also an area for reading and studying along with several LCD panels that will have continual podcasts or tutorials running. One LCD panel will be dedicated to a Twitter feed filtered for educational technology tweets.

The other room in called an Innovator’s Room and will be used by faculty to innovate their pedagogy. This will be done by allowing faculty to reserve the Innovator’s Room for a semester which means the Innovator’s Room is in their control for that class period all semester. Once the semester is over the faculty member will share with other faculty what worked well and what did not.

The Innovator’s Room will be equipped with modular furniture, including the podium that has all the control sytems embedded, and it can be configured however the faculty member prefers. Three of the four walls will have ceiling to floor whiteboards with eBeam units being using to turn different parts of the whiteboard into smart-boards thereby allowing electronic capture. There will be  four ceiling projectors that will be used in several ways along with two-way video and wireless mic options.



If you have any suggestions on improving these rooms, please leave me a comment. Thanks.