The Pulse  is truly a revolutionary handwriting capture tool. Not only does the Pulse capture what you write, it also links audio to it! How cool is that? This means you can take notes in class and at the same time capture the lecture. You can then replay any part of the lecture by just tapping the area of interest in your notes.

A nice video demo can be found here as well as the specs on this sleek tool.

A few minor drawbacks:

  • the battery is not replaceable
  • the Pulse uses Livescribe’s specially printed paper (however it is possible to print your own paper)
  • ink cartridges must come from Livescribe



This post is more gadget than anything else, but I am testing the Keurig B30 Mini Personal Brewer. I am a coffee lover who takes each cup seriously. I really cannot enjoy or drink  red-can or blue-can coffee, I like a good brew made from arabica beans. I was somewhat doubtful that this brewer would make good coffee using its patented k-cup technology, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised. This single cup brewer is great and can make very good coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It now has a place in  my office.

K-cups can be found at several places: