The purpose of the weekly Mining for Web 2.0 Technologies postings is to share favorite Web 2.0 technologies. Each week I will make a brief posting of one of my favorites hoping that you will respond with yours.

There are several Web 2.0 definitions being used, however for these postings it is simple:

Web 2.0 technologies are those that use the web to promote and provide collaborative opportunities.

Web 2.0 Mining #1 is TinyChat. TinyChat provides a means of creating a free and immediately available chat room. As you create your chat room you have several options available as shown in the image below.

TinyChat Controls

TinyChat Controls

Once created, the chat room will look similar to the one I created below.

Newly created chat room

Newly created chat room

You can start your broadcast at anytime. There is an option to personally invite attendees. As shown below you can decide whether you broadcast using your webcam, audio only, share your desktop, and even record the session.


The TinyChat web site sums it up this way:

“Tinychat delivers dead simple video conferences without the extraneous ad-ons and inconvenience, making video conferencing an accessible, uncomplicated experience. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux; with Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome; and there is a version available for iPhones. You can have up to twelve people in a room with HQ video (200 via chat only), protected by passwords and moderators, share your desktop with them, and your conferences can be recorded and embedded on your website. But the best news is this — we can provide all of these awesome features in a package that is attractive, streamlined, and easy to understand. Tinychat is the ultimate meeting solution for those who want to meet without stress and hassle.”