Evernote is one of those applications that when discovered, you get all geeky excited. Evernote is a capture and document archival system that works with your mobile phone (iPhone version), your desktop and your browser (you get a free web account that syncs with all the other devices) and there are both a Windows version and Mac OS X version. 

Evernote is organized in a way to allow one to store captured or archival information into a series of notebooks. Captures can be sent directly to an Evernote notebook (folder like), documents can be printed to Evernote in PDF format, or new notes/documents can be created from scratch within Evernote. You can store images, documents, web pages and page captures easily in Evernote and find them by searching for them at any time.


One of the coolest things I discovered about Evernote was its ability to capture using the iPhone camera. Often when I am in meetings and much of the discussion is on the whiteboard, I take out my iPhone and use Evernote to capture the writing on the board. Not only have I captured writing, but it becomes searchable in EvernoteEvernote has a phenomenal OCR engine. Look at the example below. The first image is an iPhone Evernote capture of writing on a whiteboard. Following that image is an image using the same file capture  in which I did a search for the word “pipeline”. Notice it found it. Amazing OCR capabilities!



















Evernote is a most handy tool and one side benefit is it automatically syncs with all Evernote devices.