There is a new online office suite in town, Live Documents. What seems to set Live Documents apart from other online office-like applications is that you can use it online or offline depending on your need at the time. According to the web site:

“Our delivery model is unique – a new way that merges the richness and responsiveness of desktop software with the collaborative capabilities of web-based service to create a user experience that is congruent on both the browser and desktop.”

Live Documents “gives the choice of using either the desktop or the browser as your platform of choice and what’s more, switch seamlessly between the two at any point of time without having to sacrifice the benefits of one model for the advantages of the other.

You can create, view, edit and share documents on your desktop or your browser and your documents are automatically synchornized across both platforms without requiring any manual overheads. And if you happen to offline at any point of time, you can still open and edit your documents on your desktop – all the changes that you make are automatically cached and pushed to the server the next time you go online.”

To use Live Documents all is needed is a free account. Currently only the Presentation product is available. Give it a try and let us know what you think about it.