OpenDNS is an industrial strength DNS provider that adds many well thought out and really cool features, one of which is Internet safety.

The following features are from the OpenDNS web site:

  • Web Content Filtering
    Filter undesirable content on your network, from sites that are unsafe to sites that are inappropriate for a learning environment like your school. It’s as easy as checking a box and your filtering settings take effect in minutes. Choose from more than 50 filtering categories.
  • Proxy and Anonymizer Blocking
    Proxies and anonymizers — the tools commonly used by students to bypass filters — are no match for OpenDNS. Simply check a box to block them and gain peace-of-mind knowing your filtering is airtight.
  • Phishing Protection
    Schools like yours can’t take their chances when it comes to phishing. Keep students and faculty safe from phishing sites with our industry-leading anti-phishing service. Over a quarter million phishing sites blocked to date.
  • Faster Internet
    Our global routing technology makes your DNS requests route automatically to the OpenDNS server closest to you, making Web sites load noticeably faster.
  • CIPA Compliance
    The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) ensures schools like yours block access to unsafe content. Easily achieve CIPA compliance required for federal funding with OpenDNS.
  • Zero-Downtime Network
    A more reliable network for you means no more intermittent outages and fewer support requests. For teachers and faculty it means no loss of valuable class time caused by network downtime. Schools that can’t afford downtime use OpenDNS.
  • OpenDNS Guide
    Search results get students and staff back on track when they mistype a URL or try to visit a site that’s down. Our smart “did you mean?” spelling suggestions help point them in the right direction, instead of showing them a hard-to-understand error page.
  • Customization
    Your school’s logo and your custom message on the OpenDNS Guide and block pages help communicate your school’s Internet policy to students. They/ll understand OpenDNS is a school-approved service put in place to make their Internet experience safer.
  • Statistics
    Detailed statistics will empower you to see which Web sites are problematic for your network and easily spot trends before they become problems. OpenDNS gives you the tools to do this, coupled with the tools to take action.
  • World-Class Support
    Get top-notch support from The DNS Experts. Our escalation protocols ensure you get the support you need, when you need it.


OpenDNS is suitable for K12 institutions, Higher Ed institutions, homes, small business, churches, etc., in other words in any situation where there is an Internet connection involved. If you do not elect to use it, you are missing out on a great reliable tool.

Here is how you can use it.